The Best Ways To Enhance Indoor Air Quality

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Whether you want to prevent yourself from heatstroke or allergies or just to have a more comfortable room, the air quality of your house is vital for your health. Besides having lower risks of developing heat-related damage to your body. But, you’ll have to spend money to make that possible and I’m here to show you that you don’t necessarily need to. Check out four cheap ways (some might not be actually cheap) to improve your ventilation.

Open Doors and Windows

This is the most common and obvious solution for improving the air circulation of your home. And I think it’s self-explanatory, but there are still things you need to know if you’ll do this a lot. Opening the doors and windows of your home will create a flow around your entire house and that would mean a higher amount of air for you to enjoy. Just remember that opening doors can also result to heat from the sun entering and that might be what you didn’t want to happen in the first place.

Exhaust Fans

This might cost you a bit, but I can assure you it will be worth it. This is a common strategy that is conducted in the bathroom. It will drain the poor-quality air generated in the room and it’s a great way to improve the air quality by removing the stale moisture.Fresh air can’t have a place in your room if these are still lurking indoor, so it’s just reasonable that exhaust fans can help you with this task. Exhaust fans can be installed in many ways but make sure to have an expert check on it. Speaking of which, electrician Richmond will be a great option for the job.

Attic Vent

There is stagnant air flowing around your entire house as you read this post. If you have no attic vent, this air will become trapped. It’s not only your attic that overflows with this kind of air, it will also spread throughout you house. The installation should be done by professionals so don’t dream of placing it by yourself.

Heat Recovery Ventilator

As the name implies, heat recovery ventilators are capable of capturing or to be exact, recapturing most of the air with great quality that have been used in your house. To have a better understanding of HRV, it basically helps with changing the temperature of the air so it can either heat or cool down the used air to make it the best for you. Electricians in Brighton will be able to help you with the installation process. Browse this website to find out more details.


There are limits to how you can cool down the interior of your house. Remember that your body can only take a limited amount of air or you’ll be having problems with over-ventilation.