Some Of The Most Asked Customer Queries And Their Answers

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With over twenty five years of experience in this industry and being referred to as one of the best in the business, YSS believes that it has only possible because of the love and trust that customers place in their products and their services. Therefore, they often a time feel that it is their responsibility to be approach able and to be within the customer range, as they also believe that it is their friendly and understanding customer service support that is one of the contributing factors for their success and popularity. Hence, they have answered in detail some of the most asked questions and queries put forward by customers wither through a phone call, email or an online enquiry.

The first question that comes to mind is that why the costs of their products are kept low as compared to others in the business. The answer is that, YSS manufactures these glass panels in large numbers, such that the overall cost per panel is reduced, and they as a business organization believe in providing their clients with the best in town quality rather than overpricing their products for personal benefits. The second concern that is often raised is that are these good matte black showers safe to use? To which YSS provides ample evidence that proves that these screens made by them are according to the rules and regulations set by the governmental authorities and nothing is unofficial or illegal. Thirdly, they provide special discounts to traders whereby if the two have mutual business dealings over a long period of time, as they believing in having stable relations with their business partners and collaborators as well as buyers.

As an individual designing my own room and washroom it is often pondered upon if the screen should be finalized first or after the washroom is built or designed.  Well they would recommend you to plan before hand, this way you can better organize your bathroom area and will know where to place other items, planning in advance will save on your time and energy as well as money that you would otherwise would have been spending if things went wrong due to not planning.  In case you already have your bathroom and all and you just want a screen to be installed, then also you can contact YSS and according to the area and dimensions of your bathroom, get a screen that perfectly fits in. Make sure that once you place an order, the size is right, and if by chance it is not due to a miscommunication r mis quoting, do not try to adjust the glass screen by cutting it on your own, as by doing so you will only destroy the whole thing, so better contact the company again for help.

Also be clear that YSS will only deliver your order of a screen, they do not provide the services for fitting it in your washroom, however, they have certain professionals in contact, whose details you can take for them and ask them to do this for you.