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Color Psychology In Your Office

Did you know that colors can have an impact when it comes to our perception and can actually stimulate particular mood? There’s a reason why most fastfood chains are themed red as they suggest appetite, and it’s no coincidence that most bedrooms in hotels are white as they can create a sense of quietness. Different colors can be perceived differently in theory, and this is called color psychology. Here are some of the basic colors and the effect they generally give people.


Red is often associated with warmth and can increase the level of passion and even appetites. You can use this in the pantry or throw some in places where you think a warmer shade is helpful. Manager’s room can be in this color as they also suggest power and ambition. On the other hand, extreme red is too powerful that it can come off as aggressive and angry.


You may see that among the popular color choice for office fit out design Melbourne is blue, as this cool color is associated with peace and success. Blue also welcomes tranquility and may inspire intelligence and control. It may also give confidence among employees. However, if not used in moderation, it can stimulate sadness and depression.


For places that are used for conversation and engagements, yellow is a recommended option as a warm color and suggest happiness and good thinking. It is perfect for exchange of intellect, like in meeting rooms or the pantry as well. it is strongly linked to optimism and energy. However, the wrong choice of vibrancy may be too bright and appear not serious.


If you want to boost the imagination of people, the color to consider is purple. Shades of purple can be great for stimulating creativity and inspiration. Basically, this color is associated with royalty and nobility, so it can be the color choice of the office of people who ae in charge.


Symbolizing nature and being an earth color, green is also considered as good luck and for abundance. Green is the best choice for reminding us of the surroundings and environment even when indoors. It is also typically linked with growth and money and will look great at business centers.


If peacefulness and balance is what you aim for, opt for white. not only that this is common for affordable fit outs and interior, it is also suggesting freshness and innocence. It can even be used to make the space look wider and more spacious. white is very simple, humble, and is flexible with almost any color.These are just the common theme colors incorporated in office fitouts and interior and the mood that describe them. Be sure to use them wisely and in moderation so that it will live to its purpose.

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