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Tips To Getting Kids To Be Tidy In All That They Do

Are you wrecking your head, wondering of ways to get your kids to be neat and tidy in their lives? Well, it is very important that we get our kids to be neat in all that they do, from a very young age. Listed below are some tips that you may find valuable!

Set an example

When it comes to kids there is a very simple basis that any child will follow. They are quick to copy the adults in their lives. And parents top that list! So, as parents if you want your kids to do something or be something, then you should do it yourself! Only then will the kids do it. Because kids are excellent observers. And not only do they observe but they also record everything that they see. So, when they constantly see that their parents are very organized in all that they do. And that their parents maintain everything in a neat and tidy manner. Then it wouldn’t be long before they also maintain everything in neat and orderly fashion. Do keep in mind, that kids are excellent learners and of course rejecters. If they see you telling one thing and doing another thing, they are more likely to follow the latter! Because that is what they see!

Give them the guidance

You cannot just order your kids to tidy up the house or the car for that matter, like you would order the carpet cleaners, because they wouldn’t do it. If you entrust a task with your kid, then be after them. Tell them how important it is to complete the task. And whilst they are doing the task you need to give them the encouragement to do it. As children big or small they expect to be appreciated by their parents. And if you appreciate their work, they will be more than willing to do another task. They will be eagerly waiting for the next task. Guide them, encourage them and always be there for them!

Keep watching them

It is very important that you not leave your children to fend for themselves. Especially, if they are younger you always need to be there supervising each and every situation of their life. When they know that they have someone to rely on and that there is someone watching over them, only then will they be able to rely on you completely. And this reliance will even make couch cleaning a simple task that they will enjoy doing.


Keep in mind that if you want kids to be neat and orderly, you need to be that way first. And the rules of tidiness should apply to one and all. And of course it should always be implemented!

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